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Doxinate for Doctors

Pregnancy is indeed a blessing for every woman. Nurturing and giving birth to a new life would definitely be their dream. However, a nightmare in the form of morning sickness or Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) looms over 80% of these mother’s-to-be.

The severity of NVP varies from woman to woman. This section of the website intends to provide more information to effectively manage NVP of varying intensities based on the recommendations of SOGC Clinical practice Guidelines and Motherisk Treatment Algorithm.

This section is a comprehensive source of information on Doxinate (Doxylamine succinate + Pyridoxine hydrochloride) which is the only anti-emetic specifically indicated and prescribed for the management of NVP. This combination is being prescribed for more than 50 years to more than 30 million pregnant women and Doxinate is its most trusted brand for more than 25 years in India.

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