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Tips to relieve Morning Sickness
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Doxinate for Patients/Tips to relieve morning sickness
Morning sickness is indeed distressing and being a natural phenomenon it seems unavoidable. However, to minimize the queasiness a few simple tips could always come handy:
  • Take your time getting out of bed. Sit up slowly, with your back supported. Moving quickly or suddenly can increase your nausea

  • Give yourself some extra time in the morning to nibble a few dry biscuits, and then rest for 20 to 30 minutes before getting out of bed

  • Avoid cooking soon after you get up as kitchen and food smells may trigger your nausea

  • An empty stomach can increase nausea. Hence eat small and frequent meals and aim for foods high in protein or carbohydrates, as both can help fight nausea

  • Avoid spicy, acidic or fried foods, and eat less fat in general

  • The smell of a cut lemon may help your nausea. Add some slices to iced tea or cold filtered water

  • Give yourself time to relax. Talking things over with another mum-to-be may relieve some of the stress you're feeling
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